Security beams

Perimeter security

Perimeter security beams are intended to detect human intrusion, not a bird or rodent, so need a level of tolerance. That can be by having a minimum length of time a beam must be broken by, or breaking morethan one beam at a time.

DSE perimeter security curtains

DSE are security devices for protecting perimeters up to 30m.  Shorter range 10m sets are targetted at shopfronts, vehicle entrances, patio doors or narrow gardens.

Two or more beams must be broken to trigger an alarm. A jumper link selects one of two frequencies to allow two DSE sets to be used near each other.

DSE8 has 8 primary beams beams. DSE10 has 10 primary beams and 16 interlacing beams.

DSE setting

There are three emitter powers set on jumper links on the master and slave marked S, M, and L.

The transmitter LED flashes when one beam is blocked, or lights solid when 2 neighbouring beams are blocked. The relay activates when the LED lights solid. The receiver’s red LED lights only when one of its own receivers is blocked.

DSA's are mounted vertically with horizontal beams. They can be either way up (but must be the same). LED beam spread is narrow so master and slave need to be at the same height.

The aluminium body rotates through 270 degrees, so the mounting surface may be at an angle. There is a buzzer in the master to help alignment. 

Standard wire colours are shown clarity and diagnosing problems. The transmitter and receiver sides are powered the same (RED & BLACK). The WHITE sync’ wire RT  runs from one side to the other. Relay contacts on the transmitter side are shown wired in YELLOW & BLUE. NC or NO are set by an internal jumper. NC is fail safe. 

Tx and Rx both have a red flashing LEDs. When the beam is blocked, an LED on RX flashes every 3 secs. When unblocked LED flashes 4 times then pauses. Receiver also has a red LED that is on when the photo beam is not interrupted


Power Supply 10-18 volts DC
Operating Temp -30°C to 70°C
Response time <40ms
Beam separation 125mm
Operating Current 64mA max
Iq=45-51mA standby
Dimensions 35mm x 36mm section
length 1.4m or 1.7m
Coverage 10m to 30m, 270 degrees
Relay contacts 1A @ 30Vdc, Form A or B

ABT-100 security beams

ABT beams have two long range beams. Both beams need to be broken at the same time to activate. 

There is an activation delay with 4 settings to filter out small or fast moving objects.

There are 4 frequencies settings so that adjacent beams do not interfere.  

ABT has a digital display to help set


ABT have an optiional heater.  The transmit power automatically adjusts for poor visibility. There is a tamper contact.


The receiver has 5way DIP to set frequency and activatio delay.   Transmitter have a 3way DIP for frequency.

Operating Voltage 12V-24V AC/DC, 85mA
IR range 100m outdoor
300m indoor
Angle of adjustment Horizontal +90 to -90 degrees
Vertical +10 to -10 degrees
Splay angle -0.7 to +0.7 degrees
Delay before activate 50, 100, 300, 700ms
Dimensions 80mm x 216mm x 75mm (D)
Relay contacts 1A @ 30V ac/dc Form C
Environmental 125 to +55 degrees
95% humidity, IP65