Intelligent beams

Intelligent beams

Intelligent beams use a number of techniques for determining the world around the sensor, or changes in that scene. It a broad term not defined by a specific technplogy. The class is swelled with new sensors being developed for the autonomous automation industry. 


FA-T80 is a laser diode product with a very narrow beam (2deg) that uses ToF to measure distance to the target.

CoBRA stands for coherent Beam Range Acquisition. Our CoBRA beams use range finding to the target to detect abnormal objects in the field of view

Applications should be restricted to supplementary safety or vehicle detection. The fail secure output can be set N/O or N/C.

The output relay switches when the target detected is less than the set distance. Two devices can be used together to detect an object between two limits.  FA-T80 target distance is up to 8m, and is set by learning.

Operating Voltage 10-24Vac 10-30Vdc
IR range 0.3m - 8m max
IR spec 850nm Class I IEC60825
Dimensions 37.5mm x 36mm x 108mm
Relay contacts 0.8A @ 30V ac/dc Form A or B

Single beam ToF

Scanned beam ToF

To acheive three dimensional coverage, a single beam can be scanned over an area. A matrix of distances then builds a 3 dimensional picture of depth.  

Applications include obstacle detection below a rising arm barrier, or a curtain shaped area in from of a sliding gate.

The scan appears as leaves joined at the corner where the scanner originates, so the scanner needs to be set back from the entrance.

Sliding gate application on the public side of a sliding gate.