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Security devices

The primary purpose of a security device is the detection of a body. Usually connected through to an alarm system the primary purpose is for perimeter protection. The emphasis is on reliability with a security device, where as a safety device must be absolutely fail safe.

ABM100 double optic               ABM250    triple optic              ABIseries curtain              BSseries curtain

Much of the technology in a security device is therefore to prevent false triggering. An alarm system that goes off, seemingly for no reason, simple has a poor balance of reliability against efficiency. Many security sensors use dual or triple technology, with two types of sensor in the same housing. When two or more technologies agree that a condition is met, the output can be relied on as a true assessment.Security devices are used to trigger actions as well as alarm systems. For examples, a hallway light that switches on when it senses presence, or a sensor that opens an automatic door.


Double optic security beam - ABM100

The slim body ensures the beam can be placed at the very edge of the opening.  The internal circuit boards can be set from +90 to -90 degrees, so are ideal for siting on the facing, rear or side edge of the door frame or gate post....back to top


Triple optic security beam - ABM250

These slimline photocells are ideal for very thin

Triple optic beam
Triple optic beam

wooden or steel posts. They are conventionally wired, so suitable for replacing an existing beam. Power is from a 12V or 24V supply, ac or dc.

The C911 photobeams can also be set at +90, head on, or -90 degrees. Photocells with 90 degree mounting allow the beam housing to be mounted beyond the post. This really handy for thin posts because the gate can block the beam when in it's closed position. ...back to top


Multi-beam curtain sensors - ABI

Curtain sensors are multi-beam devices used as an alarm sensor for two dimensional areas such as patio windows or even complete building frontages. Long range versions can be used along perimeter fencing on high security installations. There is no ducking under or slipping through a curtain sensor.

The ABI range have 6, 8,10 or 12 active beams, with transmitter and receiver elements fitted alternately on each side. Models cover heights from 480mm to 2040mm. Active elements are mounted in an aluminium tube that can be turned through 180 degrees. A cable between the units includes a synchronising signal as well as the 12Vdc power source.

ABI...back to top


Multi-beam curtain - BS series

These slimline photobeam curtains are for covering building doors or windows. They can also be used as a saftey curtain. As each transmitter element makes a beam with each receiver element, a 6 element curtain strikes 36 beams, making it almost impossible for an intruder to get an arm through.

The beams are wide angled, so range is shorter than the ABI series. BS are fixed angle, but due to their wide angle, they are tolerant to uneven surfaces. The BS series is constructed from an aluminium extrusion with a clip on infra red lens, and end caps containing connection points. The IP65 rating is suitable outdoor use in sheltered areas.

Available in 4,6, and 8 element; lengths from 1050mm to 2010mm. Sensors can be mounted end to end for taller entrances. A 6 core alarm cable is required from one side to the entrance to the other. The BS is powered from 10-30Vdc with a volt free SPDT relay contact. There is a tamper switch in each end.

BSM600-thm...back to top