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DTR84/DTR85 – Wireless Safety Edge

The DTR84 controller has 2 channels, each connecting up to 3 DTR85 senders. All devices in the group are tranceivers using the same RF channel. There are 4 RF channels preventing receivers in the same area interfering with each other.

DTR85 senders accept 8k2 or NC contacts. The controller buzzes when any edge is activated, or if the battery is low. Batteries need to be changed promptly. The inhibit input disables the safety edge signal, typically used as the gate closes up against a post.

The normal condition is the monitor LED is ON.  If a safety edge on a sender is pressed, the corresponding LED lights and the buzzer beeps twice per second.
 If the sender fails or the battery is low, the corresponding LED flashes and the buzzer beeps twice per second.
 The “test” LED will come on if the Cat.II safety test fails.
 MON and MENU alternate when in programming mode