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VD964 – ‘Magna Presence OR Pulse’ Vehicle Detector


VD964 is dual purpose vehicle sensor for the centre of a road with an isolated output. VD964 zeros to the local environment each time it is powered up.

Magnas recognize vehicles by their ferrous content.  All parameters are self setting to suit site conditions. Mounted in the middle of the road below ground level, the direct burial cable, attached to the sensor goes directly to the control panel in a shallow slot.  The 4 wire cable is wired in and self-sets.


Sensors must not be within a steel framed building or within 0.5m of an iron man hole cover, drain or large ferrous mass. Please test location before fixing in the ground.

-  the Magna sensor, does not require any loops to be cut—the sensor does the job of the loops.

-  Saves time, mess and is much more reliable and quicker to install than a conventional loop detector.

-  Simpler wiring than a loop detector—just 4 wires to wire in and no module to fit - self setting,

-  It is a ‘presence OR pulse’ sensor.

-  Digital technology allows exit sensors to to be over 100m from the control board.

Power wires (red & black) can be connected either way around. AC and DC voltage limits are different. The sensor uses less than 20mA.

The cable can be extended. The total run may not be greater than 1 ohm. Switch contacts (yellow & green) are rated for DC controller inputs only, 100mA max. The function options of ‘presence’ or ‘exit’ are set by connecting the switch contact wires, yellow & green.

Presence    -  connect the yellow wire to the positive input. Connect the green wire to the negative input.

Pulse    -  connect the green wire to the positive input. Connect the yellow wire to the negative input.

VD961/VD964 User Manual