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Probe Kits

Probe Kits do away with conventional loops. New technology has made digging circular trenches in the ground obsolete. Vehicle Sensors have created for efficient and intelligent installation.

VD909 “Dynamite” Free Exit SensorThe Dynamite (VD909) is a quicker and simpler to fit, hi-tech alternative, to standard inductive loop detectors in free exit applications.
VD913 “TRIAD” Tri-Axis MagnetometerThe system is comprised of two parts, a master unit (VD913D) with adjustable sensitivity settings and the sensor (VD913S). The advanced sensor’s small size and high sensitivity make it ideally suited to vehicle detection applications. It is mounted on a 10pin Molex connector.
VD960 “Magna” Presence Vehicle SensorThe VD960 is a stand alone digital Presence sensor. Magnas recognise vehicles by their ferrous content such as tyres, engine and suspension components. All parameters are self setting to suit site conditions. Mounted in the middle of the road below ground level.