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Photocells and Photobeams are an integral part of Safety for any automated door or gate application.  Essentially, they create a ‘magic eye’ either side of any entrance, and detect if there is an obstacle, ensuring the doors or gates do not close on a person or vehicle that remains in the passageway.

FA31 180 degree beam              C711 slimline beam               C720 robo beam IR1000 retro cell

Photocells use infra-red light, invisible to the human eye. Most modern devices pulse the beam for a few milliseconds at a time to save power and increase range. Some photocells synchronize the transmitted pulses to prevent miss triggering from a nearby beam that is not syncronised. For test purposes, it is possible to view some infra-red emission using the camera facility on a mobile phone.


The Slimline Bi-Directional Photobeam – FA31


The FA31 is a single relay infrared photobeam working from 12v or 24v ac/dc.

The slim body ensures the beam can be placed at the very edge of the opening.  The internal circuit boards can be set from +90 to -90 degrees, so are ideal for siting on the facing, rear or side edge of the door frame or gate post.…back to top



Slimline photocells – C711

These slimline photocells are ideal for very thin Slimline photocellwooden or steel posts. They are conventionally wired, so suitable for replacing an existing beam. Power is from a 12V or 24V supply, ac or dc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe C711 photobeams can also be set at +90, head on, or -90 degrees. Photocells with 90 degree mounting allow the beam housing to be mounted beyond the post. This really handy for thin posts because the gate can block the beam when in it’s closed position.

The C712 model is an armoured version of the C711. Infra-red lenses are enclosed in an aluminium shell allowing the beam to show on three sides. …back to top



Armoured photocells – C720

Industrial applications such as roller shutters and doorways have awkward loads that can take out a photocell with one swipe. Our C720 photobeam has an armoured aluminium housing that can withstand a battering.

Working voltage is 12v or 24v ac/dc suitable for any door control panel. Armoured photocellThese are fairly heavy beams with the +90, head on, or -90 degrees.…back to top



Retro-reflective photobeam – IR1000

Some applications have no facility for getting a cable to one side of the opening. Retro reflective photobeams shoot a beam from one side to a reflector on the other side. Range is up to 10m, but alignment is critical for the longer distances. A 5m opening is relatively easy to protect. These photobeams can take from IR1000-thm12Vdc to 240Vac, and provide a volt free changeover output contact.…back to top